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Healthy food with a dash of love

pure food. pure love.

Beavia in Latin means Happy Journey. Join us on it.

We want to give people the opportunity to eat better, feel better and be in balance.

-Štěpán Hodač

Founder of I love Hummus, newly Beavia

Our mission is to inspire people to return to themselves and the nature through quality, tasty food and help them find their happy journey. How do we manage to fulfil this mission?

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Kimchi rice with vegetables (alternative with tofu or chicken)

Main course
Less than 30 minutes

Hummus lasagne

Main course
More than 30 minutes

Sesame Tahini Cookies

Sweet food
Less than 30 minutes

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In order to be close to you, you will find our products in online shops, health food stores as well as supermarkets.


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of health food stores in the Czech republic


Healthy life style loves good food

Marie Donajová

vegan food blogger, cookbook author

As a mom, I am constantly trying to figure out how to enrich our diet to give us everything we need. Kimchi from Beavia helps me in this, thanks to it I can make every meal more nutritionally valuable very quickly. I feel that regular consumption of fermented products supports our immunity, doing good not only for the body but also for the mind.

David Vencl

Freediver, world record holder in icediving

I have rather an alternative attitude to life as well as sports. For me, freediving is a way of getting to know oneself in harmony with nature and the Creator. My main driving force is the Plant Power - Thrive diet. I resonate with the values of Beavia brand. I prefer cooking from primary top quality raw materials.

Jitka Čábelická (Škarnitzlová)

Four-time Czech champion in cross-country cycling, Tokyo Olympics participant

So that my body is capable of dealing with all the physical exertion during trainings as well as races, I need to rely on it 100%. Therefore it is important to provide the body with sufficient amount of necessary and quality raw materials. And that is what Beavia brand stands for in my opinion.

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